Prevent Construction Theft to Improve Your Bottom Line While Reducing Risk and Liability

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Construction site security

During the past year, the economy has gone through a lot of change.  While some industries have scaled back, many other industries have continued to remain strong and grow.  Both commercial and residential construction are two examples of industries who have continued regular operations.  Commercial buildings and projects have not slowed down, while residential building projects have grown to new heights.  Not since March of 2006 have Americans bought new homes at such a high pace.  Homebuilders are buying new land and new communities are sprouting up across the nation. 

While the demand for building new commercial developments, buildings, and residential homes continues to rise, the demand for the material to build has also increased.  For example, one of the most commonly used items when building a home is a piece of plywood lumber.  In March of 2020, the price of one sheet of plywood nearly tripled in just one year.  In addition to lumber, there has also been an increased demand and cost for drywall, copper, steel, and other common materials while supply chains are strained.  New home builders and construction sites all over are just now starting to pay attention to their sites and inventory.

Construction sites are often overlooked in terms of having a value-added security systems in place such as roving security patrols, remote monitoring, and monitoring the traffic at a construction site 24/7.  Construction sites are seeing a rise in thefts and crime due to their ease of access, little to no security, and the opportune time for theft after hours and on weekends.  Not only are raw materials at risk from theft, but so are tools, heavy machinery, and other equipment on site. By having the right security solution in place, Allied Universal can help mitigate risk and reduce liability by providing you with a job site assessment to provide the best approach to safety around areas such as downtown businesses districts, high-rise residential and office buildings, hospital additions, university campuses, retail centers, and more.

Having Security Professionals on your site during and after business hours can help prevent theft and deter crime while potentially saving your company thousands of dollars in lost material and delayed production due to limited supplies.  Another option to help monitor your construction sites is to install security cameras that can be monitored and operated remotely.  A common reason companies don’t install cameras at construction sites is due to the limited areas cameras can be mounted with power and connectivity.  However, with today’s technology, that can be handled easily with solar power, and cellular connections with motion-activated alerts to notify a 24/7 operated monitoring center who can assist you in notifying the proper authorities if needed.

Below are just a few security solutions you should consider when looking to add security to your job site:

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Access Control
  • Safety and Training programs designed around client needs
  • On site Security Professionals on foot and roving vehicle patrols
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Audio alarms and talk down deterrent systems
  • Motion activated sensors and proper lighting
  • HELIAUS® workforce management system, NFC and geo location features to ensure secured locations day and night
  • Visible signage to deter crime
  • Egress and ingress access points with access control  

At Allied Universal, we offer comprehensive solutions for your Construction site and can provide a more detailed construction security datasheet upon request.  We offer a variety of integrated solutions that will help reduce liability and mitigate risk at your site.

Our dedicated subject matter and industry experts can provide you with years of experience and thought leadership across a variety of industries including Construction. We’d like to understand your goals, objectives, and challenges you might be facing, so please contact us today.  We are happy to provide you with a 1:1 consultation.