Meet Our Veterans: Johanna Fana

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Johanna Fana - Military Veteran and Allied Universal Security Professional

Ever since she could remember, Johanna Fana always knew she was going to join the military because she wanted to serve her country just like her brother, sister and uncle- who all are in the military. She first joined the Army in 2010 and was promoted from Private to Specialist and then to Sergeant. Over the course of her military career, she was stationed in New York, Afghanistan and Cuba.


After the military, Johanna found a career with Allied Universal as an Airport Security Agent (ASA) at JFK. It was just over a year later when the Army called her back to serve and she was deployed to Afghanistan where she served as Sergeant. In October 2018, Fana returned from deployment and was excited to rejoin Allied Universal, continuing to serve and protect--only now, once again, in the civilian sector.


“Working at Allied Universal is extremely similar to being in the military due to the company’s organized procedures, team-building exercises and various training activities,” said Fana. “If you love the military, you will love working for Allied Universal.”


Fana, naturally driven and eager to develop her civilian career, took the initiative to apply for an open Tour Supervisor (TS) position at JFK. During Allied Universal’s comprehensive panel interview process, her emotional intelligence shined and demonstrated her compatibility for a supervisory position at the large, complex location (43 acres, 300+ employees). The hiring team was entirely unanimous on the decision to promote Fana to the TS position. Since Fana has been in her supervisory role at JFK, she has exhibited tremendous leadership and team building skills. From her military service to how she takes complete ownership of her on-the-job responsibilities, it is clear Fana takes great pride in creating safer, more secure environments. We are very proud to have her on our team.

Thank you Sergeant / TS Fana for your service - both to your country and to Allied Universal!