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Jonathan, a decorated Marine, served over 10 years in the United States Marine Corps. He states that he had always wanted to be a Marine since the age of 14. He saw his uncle Henry, who had come back from boot camp and had his "Dress Blues" uniform on. After he saw his uncle in uniform, he said to himself "I want to be a Marine.” Jonathan has been with Allied Universal for several years and enjoys working for AU because of his co-worker’s professionalism. He feels that his team shows the same camaraderie that he felt in the Corps.

Jonathan recently stated, “Like my leadership once said, I will set you up for success and will always back you up on your decisions making skills.”

You don't get that in just any company. He feels that his time in the military influenced his career at AU and his upcoming goal is for one day to become a Regional Vice President or President for any region.

Jonathan continues, “I will work hard to get to that echelon in my career. I know with the help and mentoring of my leadership, I will achieve that goal and become successful in AUS. Since the Marine Corps, I had hit many bumps but I never gave up. The Corps has taught me never to give, to keep pushing through. I have been doing that since then.”


jon_lopez_headshot  About the Author
  Allied Universal thanks Jonathan for his service to both our country and Allied Universal!