The Many Faces at Allied Universal® - Wendy Witlow

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Wendy Witlow

Wendy Witlow, Allied Universal® General Manager

As an Allied Universal® General Manager in Miami, Florida, Wendy Witlow leads a team of nearly 2,000 employees from a wide variety of backgrounds. An industry veteran since 2006, she has seen first-hand the benefits of embracing diversity and inclusion and credits her own career success to the mentors who taught her to work hard, learn every aspect of the business and continue to remain open and learn from different perspectives.

“I have been very fortunate to have worked for and alongside some of the very best and brightest in this industry and our company,” Wendy said. “From the very beginning, my bosses and leaders were very diversified, and I gained knowledge from various backgrounds.”

As a leader, Wendy follows the example of her mentors by embracing the ideas and perspectives of her diverse teammates and has promoted several managers to their current roles.

“They are all very different in their management styles and each brings a unique approach to how they deliver on our operational needs,” Wendy said. “I embrace this and listen to them. In a solution-based industry, we must understand different perspectives because we cannot thrive in a bubble where only certain views and ideas exist.”