Evaluating Security Options: A Change Driver for an Outsourced Security Partnership

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Allied Universal Security Officers

You have a choice as an Enterprise leader. You are tasked with ensuring a comprehensive security approach that reduces risk and protects assets, while at the same time meeting stakeholder expectations for cost effectiveness and return on investment. Building and implementing a security strategy that meets these enterprise objectives while delivering solutions and value begins with understanding the myriad factors relating to enterprise security needs. While protection of assets and people are the cornerstone of any security strategy, security requirements vary broadly based on the unique risks (inherent and emerging) an enterprise faces. The security strategy must also fit the organization’s operating culture and adjust to changing risk trends and needs. 

It can be challenging to continuously control and manage the right configuration of security personnel, technology, systems and deployment to maintain robust protection, quality service and cost effectiveness.

Business leaders can overcome these challenges by evaluating their security needs regularly and assessing the options available to best address those needs. Options range from private, in-house security program development, operations and management, to fully contracted security where the program is managed by a third-party security company; or a hybrid approach that combines the two, with some elements of the security program retained in-house.

At the highest level, determining the security approach that best fits your organization requires: 

  1. Identifying your vulnerabilities and calculating the unique risks to your enterprise
  2. Understanding your security needs and the true cost of your security operations/delivery
  3. Assessing available security options related to your security needs
  4. Determining which security measures and overall approach are feasible, effective and add value to your organization

The best approach depends on the unique needs of each organization, but one thing is certain: the security industry offers more holistic solutions and customization to organizations than ever before, and the ROI of the right choice is tangible for many organizations.

With abundant choice and advanced capabilities in the security services market, there is a security operations approach that is best suited for your organization. Choosing the best approach boils down to the ability of the security program to meet the specific objectives of your business, and trust that the methods of meeting these objectives will follow through on deliverables and ROI.

If you or your current company are looking to explore the benefits of a contract security solution as a partnership hybrid model or full support please contact us and let us answer any questions you may have.  To request more information and download our full report “Evaluating Security Options: A Change Driver for Outsourced Security” please click here.