The COVID-19 Impact on Security in the Oil and Gas Sector

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coronavirus and oil barrels

It's no secret that the world pandemic COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on almost every aspect of our lives. A new normal and changes are coming from everywhere, from the NY Stock Exchange to stay-at-home orders, educating our children online, limiting outdoor events such as sport's to name a few. However, the effect this pandemic has had on the world's oil and gas market is staggering. With unheard-of prices for oil, along with the disappearance of storage space for crude oil, we are in uncharted territory as it relates to the oil and gas sector.

This has obviously affected how these facilities are securing these highly critical assets while keeping the safety of employees, contractors, and visitors at the forefront of what they do. Below, I've created a list of some of the things we see changing as it relates to securing these facilities and I can offer help and solutions for your facility.

  • Temperature Screenings: Companies are using highly advanced thermal cameras that can read the temperature of human body tear ducts or simple one-time temperature check products.
  • Facility Changes: While most scheduled shutdowns and turnarounds have been delayed or indefinitely postponed, others are continuing as planned. This has been a challenge where temperature screenings are needed on a large influx of contractors at a facility. As a result, these companies are creating additional access points and are increasing security personnel to conduct these screenings.
  • Command Centers and SOC's: With the training and expertise these professionals have, it makes it even more critical there are protective measures with detailed "what if" plans in place for these functions to continue. We have an existing program where the SOC operators have been asked to work from home to limit their contact with other people. The advancement in technology and resources allows this to happen with the right components in place.
  • Business Model Changes: Through this period of "work from home" many companies are seeing a large increase in their workforce working from home or remotely. As a result, some companies have taken particular business units and decided they will now work remotely exclusively moving forward. Others are taking a more cautious approach and having business units work from home on a trial basis, upwards of 2 years. If the productivity numbers stay up they could then make that change permanent.

We are continuing to see new "best practices" and a "new normal" every day. As with many other crises the oil and gas industry has faced, it will come out stronger and better prepared with the right adjustments and changes made effectively. At Allied Universal, and with our support, we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to help you navigate during these unknown times and are here to help. 


About the Author:

Jason Gordon is Manager, Chemical/Petrochemical/Utilities for Allied Universal.



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