Compliance Audits: Do You Have the Records Needed to Survive?

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You know your teams are trained and have all required credentials. You trust that everything is up to date and your security provider is on top of it. But can you prove it? More importantly, can your security provider prove it without notice, at any time?

The chemical and petrochemical industry demands strict adherence to compliance and regulation, which means executing due diligence when it comes to maintaining up-to-date training and certifications. Security services providers within the industry need to ensure that record-keeping and reporting doesn’t fall by the wayside. Aligning with a security provider who conducts the necessary training and other critical requirements is only the beginning. The ability to track and report are key differentiators that will make a significant impact during an audit.

Formal Processes

Each operation demands specific requirements and protocol for security. This requires not just proper training, but also the management resources, industry experience and proven formal systems to ensure that every requirement is met every time. A well-managed team that utilizes formal processes creates a seamless process for you.

Consistent and Sustainable Tracking Mechanisms

Each employee must have a record where their certifications and training records are kept. Maintaining an accurate tracking process means due diligence and attention to detail by the security provider. Records must be consistent and documented with clear processes that won’t be overlooked with personnel changes. What you don’t know, could cost you during an audit.

Accessible and Readily Available Reporting

An audit or request for your security personnel’s training records and certifications is possible at any time. Maintaining proper tracking mechanisms and formal processes allows your security provider to be better prepared. Keeping these documents in an accessible location where the information is properly managed and readily accessible will ensure quick compliance.

In order to conduct audits, complete a gap analysis and respond to requests from any regulatory agency, these critical elements must be in place. In such a heavily regulated industry, there is little room for error. A quality security company understands the significance of this type of comprehensive approach. Does your security program have the key components for an effective operation? Read more in our blog Evolving Regulations Require a Steady Security Presence.


adam serna  About the Author 
  Adam Serna is Director, Chemical/Petrochemical/Utilities for Allied Universal.