Background and Talent Staffing

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executive protection background and talent staffing

To excel in executive protection, it's important to hire based on character and training aptitude, as outlined in the book The Talent War. The Talent War is a book co-authored by Mike Sarraille and George Randle that presents a perspective on how organizations can successfully recruit, retain, and develop top talent in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Allied Universal® Executive Protection and Intelligence Services bases a large portion of its candidate interviewing tactics on the teachings in the book. While military, law enforcement, and government backgrounds are valued, inclusivity for a broader range of backgrounds is essential to create a diverse team that brings unique perspectives and ideas. When screening candidates, it's important to consider the whole person and their ability to participate effectively within the organization. Like in the book The Talent War, we also focus on a critical aspect of talent management and divide it into three parts: finding the talent, developing the talent, and leading the talent.

Two things that demonstrate a person’s effectiveness within an organization are a mindset of teamwork and collaboration (team-ability) and respectfully challenging the status quo (emotional strength). We understand that skilled and dedicated individuals with high character are crucial to our company's success. Diversity in teams creates strength and adds value by bringing unique ideas, perspectives, and solutions to the table.

Our company culture aligns with our values, attracting top talent and creating a sense of belonging and purpose. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, fostering collaboration and teamwork, and respectfully challenging the status quo create a competitive advantage that goes beyond products or services. By prioritizing these principles, we can achieve common goals and innovate in the executive protection and intelligence services industry.

Our 13-day/122-hour Executive Protection Academy (EPA-301) covers everything from threat assessment and risk management to defensive driving and firearms proficiency. We don't just focus on hard skills; we also prioritize character development and building a strong team culture. Our training creates a community of elite professionals who are passionate about their work and dedicated to excellence.

If you possess the qualities and desire to be great in Executive Protection, invest in your future and take the first step toward a rewarding career with Allied Universal. Our intensive EPA-301 course is the perfect way to start your journey. We take pride in ensuring that all our agents are fully trained and equipped to provide top-notch protection to our clients, keeping them "Safe, Happy and Productive." Join us today and become part of a community that values character and team culture just as much as hard skills.

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