Allied Universal Sees Demand for Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers Increase Tenfold

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Allied Universal armed security guards

As the largest private sector provider of active law enforcement services in the U.S., Allied Universal has seen a significant increase in demand for off-duty law enforcement officers in the private security industry.  Over the last four years, Allied Universal’s business in the market segment has increased tenfold.

“The active law enforcement officers we provide are critical to meeting the specific needs of clients that require specialized security services and skillsets that can only be offered by law enforcement officers,” said Marcus Perdue, senior vice president, risk advisory and consulting services at Allied Universal.  “We are proud to offer this specialized expertise to support our clients’ diverse security requirements and unique locations.”

With a proprietary database of more than 15,000 vetted active law enforcement officers across the nation, Allied Universal deploys these professionals – in both armed and unarmed capacities – to clients who benefit from their extensive training and capabilities. 

An active law enforcement officer in a private sector security roll is a person employed as a sworn law enforcement officer who works as a private security professional in their off hours in accordance with the rules of their law enforcement agency.

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