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We Major in Your Campus and Student Safety

Your primary concern when running a college or university is making your students, faculty, staff, visitors and parents feel welcome and keeping them safe. At the same time, you have a duty to keep your campus operating, mitigating foreseeable risk and avoiding the damage that could occur to your brand and, potentially, your enrollment, if you don’t.

No matter if your school is large or small; public or private; or located in an urban, suburban or rural setting, Allied Universal Security Services understands your security concerns and has many years of experience providing campus security officer services.

The Right Campus Safety and Security Officers for Your School

Security professionals are often the first face of your institution’s brand, so it’s important for your security officers to have the skills and personalities that fit your school and security requirements. Whether providing a visitor with directions, assisting a professor with an office lock-out, checking identification or patrolling a building, Allied Universal’s campus security officers are helpful, enthusiastic and professional. With our campus security services, you are guaranteed:

  • Friendly, approachable officers matched to openings for which they’re best suited.
  • Vigilant security professionals who are attentive to detail so they can carry out the tasks of their posts and patrols, recognize the daily campus routine from the unexpected, and represent your school in a positive manner.
  • Close monitoring and supervision by our responsive management teams to ensure our security officers are well-trained, and that knowledge is practiced and reinforced for consistency every time.
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