Security Services to Protect Financial Institutions

Keep Your Facilities, Employees and Financial Assets Safe

With threats to data security evolving all the time, it can be difficult to stay one step ahead of criminals and keep your facility, employees, and financial assets safe and secure. That’s why Allied Universal provides unarmed security officers and customized financial security services for different types of facilities like retail branches, data centers, corporate offices, trading floors and lockbox areas.

Highly Visible, Integrated Security Solutions for Financial Institutions

When protecting the lives of employees and securing financial assets, there’s no room for error. At Allied Universal, we provide integrated financial security services that include the right technology and physical security for your facility’s needs. Our security professionals understand the needs of banking and financial services facilities, allowing them to provide a highly visible security presence (armed or unarmed), as well as recognize sensitive situations and potential threats and respond appropriately.

Financial Institutions

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