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Celebrating National Security Officer Appreciation Week

Posted 09/19/2016 by Ron Rabena

With new threats emerging every day it is critical that security officers maintain a constant state of vigilance. When violence erupts in our communities it is an important reminder that we must all work together in these challenging times.
Read more >

Recognizing Those Who Keep Us Safe

Posted 09/09/2016 by Steve Jones

The security officers that we rely on every day are such an expected part of our society that they sometimes go unnoticed. But who are these individuals? Read more >

Active Shooter: Prepare to Respond

Posted 09/02/2016 by Guest Author

Recent events have made terrorism a critical issue. As the world changes, so must our planning and preparedness efforts. Active shooter events have received much media attention and are an overwhelming cause for concern in terms of workplace safety. Read more >

Managing Tabletop Exercises for Improved Preparedness

Posted 08/26/2016 by Paul Caruso

You have real opportunities to improve your organization’s readiness to manage a crisis. Developing emergency preparedness plans is critical, but a challenge arises when the planning efforts end with the plan creation. Read more >

Resources at the Ready - Emergency Preparedness Planning

Posted 08/12/2016 by Alan Stein

A catastrophic event will put your people and property at risk, and can be detrimental to your brand. While organizational leaders invest a significant amount of time, money and resources to make their ventures a success, few businesses plan for disaster scenarios. Read more >

Facing a New Security Era Together

Posted 08/01/2016 by Steve Jones

There is an even greater need for security today than ever before. Emerging threats, coupled with a stronger emphasis on safety and evolving business environments, have prioritized the need for security. Read more >

Emergency Readiness Mindset

Posted 07/29/2016 by Guest Author

You worked late. As you get into your car in the parking lot, you answer an incoming email. The car door is unlocked as you sit behind the wheel focused intently on typing your response. Read more >

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