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National Security Officer Appreciation Week

Posted 09/14/2018 by Kimber Westmore

Security officers, who strive to help maintain safe and secure workplaces, schools, shopping malls and communities, deserve heartfelt appreciation. Hard-working, highly trained men and women, security officers are counted among our country’s first responders. These individuals deter crime, lead evacuations, provide information, work closely with local law enforcement and are constantly vigilant in their efforts to keep us safe.  Read more >

Shedding Light on Human Trafficking

Posted 08/31/2018 by Brent O'Bryan

Hollywood, the media, and elected officials have all combined to bring light to horrific crimes associated with human trafficking. More people are aware of sex trafficking than the issues of forced labor and domestic servitude, all of which are elements of human trafficking. Yet, in 2017 alone, the United States (just one of many countries facing this issue) identified over 10,000 individual victims of human trafficking, according to Polaris. Read more >

Heroes Among Our Ranks

Posted 08/17/2018 by Ron Rabena

Security officers act as community ambassadors where they assume customer service roles. They are also first responders in emergencies, act as a liaison with local law enforcement, lead safety efforts, escort patients in hospitals, raise personal security awareness with students, and check in on residents in gated communities. Read more >

Integrated Fire and Intrusion Alarm Systems Help Save Lives and Assets

Posted 08/03/2018 by Eric Hinderliter

Did you know that a fire is responded to every 19 seconds? And that it’s one of the most common and most destructive emergencies affecting safety? Moreover, a wildfire or structure fire can ignite with something as small as a lit cigarette butt or electrical spark.  Read more >

Allied Universal Builds its Legacy in Security

Posted 07/20/2018 by Steve Jones

It began with a vision of becoming phenomenal. This week with the announcement that Allied Universal has agreed to acquire U.S. Security Associates (USSA), the foundation has been laid to realize that goal. Read more >

Heed These Tips for Safe Summer Travels

Posted 07/06/2018 by Kimber Westmore

According to AAA, nearly 37 million Americans (88 percent of travelers), will drive to their destinations this summer—which represents an increase of 4.7 percent over 2017. Another three million will take to the skies, increasing air travel by 6.8 percent over last summer. Other modes of transportation will include cruises, trains and buses, which will be used by nearly two million travelers. If you plan to join the ranks of summer travelers sometime between now and Labor Day, heed necessary precautions and take these steps to avoid travel-related scams to ensure your journey is safe.

Read more >

Today’s Security Professionals Wear Multiple Hats to Meet Client Needs

Posted 06/22/2018 by Cornell Beans

From welcoming guests with a warm friendly smile to giving directions to the nearest ATM to recommending the best local restaurant, the role that security personnel play in a building has changed dramatically over the past few years and is still evolving.

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