Disaster Planning and Your Security Team

The unpredictable nature of a crisis means you need a well-planned response when circumstances take a turn for the worse. Whether it’s a snow storm, a power outage, fire, act of terrorism, or protest, who will be there to provide the support and leadership you need? Critical responses can significantly impact your ability to recover; the productivity, morale and safety of your employees; and your organization’s brand. You need a dedicated resource that has emergency response experience, a relationship with the local authorities and extensive knowledge of your property.

Your security team should fill this role. These are the individuals who are trained to respond to emergencies and can serve as your on-the-ground leader to initiate emergency response protocols and quickly take action for you. If your security team is not engaged in your emergency preparedness, planning and response efforts, this is a missed opportunity. Are you prepared? This webinar will discuss best practices in disaster planning for your organization.

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