Response Teams, Coordinated


Digitized Security Operations Center Operating Procedures and Processes

Organizations and those responsible for protecting people, facilities, assets, reputation, and brands are more vulnerable than ever.

Most companies have invested in mass notification solutions to distribute information during critical incidents, but many have not yet invested in solutions to coordinate their response teams more efficiently and to keep their front lines in sync.

Groupdolists, powered by Centrallo, is a cloud-based, 24/7 response team coordination tool that enables real-time response and situational awareness across any security team. Whether it’s a routine event or an emergency, it instantly creates a common operating picture across Security Operations Centers and dispersed response teams, keeping them synchronized throughout the life cycle of any situation.

Groupdolists increases transparency, provides greater accountability, and can be shared with leaders to reduce distractions and interruptions and help ensure deployment of the right resources, at the right time.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for everyday and emergency use. Manages SOPs, post orders, and incident response plans.

  • Streamlines training time and costs, while mitigating turnover and increasing compliance.

  • Takes minutes to learn and less than an hour to master. Formal training only 30-60 minutes.

  • Rapid to deploy via signing into your secure account through the Web, iOS or Android.

  • Customizable by any organizer without programming. Current data is easily transferable.

  • Cloud-based, providing high availability, scalability, security, redundancy and distributed capability.

  • Automatically captures every situation, task and time stamp for required reporting and analysis.

Key Benefits:

  • Harmonizes response procedures across any organization or region and keeps teams synchronized

  • Maximizes readiness, improves compliance, and lowers the cost of training and operations

  • Creates greater efficiency via comprehensive instructions for clear, concise direction

  • Saves time (perhaps even lives) while improving performance

  • Significantly reduces distractions for management

  • Increases transparency and accountability

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