Executive Protection

Allied Universal® Executive Protection and Intelligence Services provides customized executive protection services for close protection, secure travel logistics, and related security services for the well-being of a principal wherever and whenever necessary.

Executive protection services help mitigate the elevated and ever-changing personal risk of individuals due to their prominence, wealth, occupation, reputation, travel destinations or other factors.

In addition to providing peace of mind and productivity support for prominent individuals and their families, boards often mandate corporate executive protection services and programs for CEOs and other principals in order to exercise duty of care and to safeguard shareholder interests.

Protective programs may include covert protection and protective surveillance to minimize intrusiveness and deter incidents as far from the principal as possible.  We take great pride in the rigorous selection and training of our Executive Protection professionals to ensure we have the right people to serve and protect each client.


Our corporate clients are Fortune 500 companies across many industries including high-tech, consulting, financial/banking, legal, healthcare, manufacturing and energy.

High-Risk Individuals and Families

Our clients include celebrities, philanthropists and high-wealth prominent individuals and families.

High-risk people need very customized security services that fit seamlessly into their lifestyle and personal preferences.  Our client security needs range from security consultations to close protective coverage at home, in family offices, public appearances or while traveling.  We also provide worldwide safe travel logistics, background screening of estate staff, personal assistants and prospective company employees and other onsite security services.  With thorough on-going security intelligence analysis, we quickly react to keep our clients safe, happy and productive.

Foundations, non-profit organizations and NGOs

Our executive protection clients include charitable foundations, non-profit organizations and other organizations with their own set of unique risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

Executive Protection programs are often used for personnel travel and safety while performing charitable activities locally, abroad and in high-risk countries.  We provide security consulting and intelligence analysis to help protect the principals and organization.

Keeping our Clients Safe, Happy and Productive®

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