The Many Faces at Allied Universal - Steve Nsaif

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Steve Nsaif - General Manager, Allied Universal

Steve Nsaif

General Manager, Allied Universal

Orange, CA


Steve Nsaif started his career at Allied Universal in 2010 as a part-time Security Professional at a healthcare facility while attending college following more than four years at the U.S. Department of Defense. 

A few years later, Steve was promoted to Division Manager, followed by Client Manager. After two years in the Client Manager role, Steve was promoted to General Manager, a position he has held for more than three years overseeing the Orange County market.

“Having spent 11 years with Allied Universal and witnessed first-hand the tremendous growth of the organization, I can say it’s truly inspiring,” said Steve. “I am fortunate to have had many mentors in my life who helped me learn, gain valuable experience, and develop new skills.”

According to Steve, having a diverse work place should be a top priority of any company. 

“I firmly believe that diversity in the workplace is a key factor to any team’s success,” said Steve.  “Having a diversified workforce not only creates a cohesive team culture, but also provides a platform to promote innovation, different views and perspectives. I believe effective leadership is about building team chemistry and viewing workforce diversity as a success multiplier.”

He believes that diversity in the security industry can lead to attracting top talent, improving employee satisfaction, and enhances service delivery to customers and communities.  

“Approaching difficult situations surrounding diversity can be challenging,” said Steve. “It’s important to understand that approaching a different view or experience is an opportunity to learn more and gain valuable knowledge.” 

Inclusion is vital. 

“I work to find a way to engage people in a leading role for different projects or tasks that involve other team members but outside of their normal duties,” said Steve.  “For example, recently a team member took the lead on recognizing everyone’s birthday in the office. This became a great morale booster and allowed everyone to come together. I believe inclusion is about understanding what each person is passionate about and identifying a way for them to thrive.”

When not working, Steve attends industry webinars, events and seminars that focus on a multitude of industry topics including diversity and inclusion.  He is in the process of joining a non-profit that focuses on youth career development and professional growth.