The Many Faces at Allied Universal - Michelle Williams

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Michelle Williams Regional Human Resources Manager, Allied Universal Santa Ana, CA

Michelle Williams
Regional Human Resources Manager, Allied Universal
Santa Ana, CA

Michelle Williams joined Allied Universal as a temp covering the receptionist position at the Long Beach branch in 2003.  Michelle was promoted to a fulltime receptionist position in 2004, with multiple promotions over the next 18 years including an appointment to Regional HR Representative, which led to her current position in 2013 as Regional Human Resources Manager. 

Throughout her career, Michelle has always felt that “a company should embrace diversity because it acknowledges the potential and strengths in each employee.” She believes that it is important to recognize diversity in the security industry because it allows “employees to be their authentic self and creates a sense of belonging which improves productivity.”  

As a leader at Allied Universal, Michelle treats employees fairly when dealing with difficult situations surrounding diversity at work.  

“I dealt with a situation where upper management wanted me to hire a female at a lower pay rate than her male counterparts,” recalled Michelle.  “I explained to the managers that this treatment was unfair because she would be doing the same required duties as her male counterparts.  After several discussions, they decided to hire at the same pay rate. This is why we all need to work together to treat employees fairly.”

According to Michelle, offering a workplace where employees feel respected and heard is invaluable. 

“Belonging is a key component of inclusion,” said Michelle.  “I value my teams input when we are working on projects. I encourage them all to brain storm and problem solve as all ideas are welcomed and valued.  I recognize that change begins with me and I need to set the example if I want an inclusive environment.”

She believes that working in a diverse environment will increase productivity and creativity, reduce employee turnover and provides greater opportunities for personal and professional growth.