The Many Faces at Allied Universal - Jason David

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Jason David

Jason David 
Vice President, Intelligence Practice 
Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services 
Jupiter, FL. 

Growing up in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Jason David may have come from humble beginnings, but he was given golden wisdom from his parents who instilled in him and his siblings the importance of interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.  

“St. Thomas was a true melting pot full of rich experiences,” he said. “We had neighbors and friends who spoke French and Spanish with a mix of Creole. Each had different flavors of food, music and culture that made growing up there a truly amazing experience.”

Grounded in that diversity and equipped with a strong understanding that developing a growth mindset gives you the opportunity to learn from others on both a personal and professional level, Jason left St. Thomas to pursue his education and find a career.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Rider University in New Jersey, a master’s degree in criminal justice administration from Villanova University in Pennsylvania and an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School in the U.K.  

On the career side, Jason chose a path as an Intelligence Analyst, landing a role with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  Over his 15-year career with the DEA, Jason held various roles, including Intelligence Analyst with the DEA’s money-laundering and financial-crimes unit, a Senior Intelligence Analyst in Istanbul, Turkey, where he covered the Middle East, and finally as the Intelligence Group Manager at the DEA’s Miami Field Division.

In 2018, Jason joined G4S to build out the company’s intelligence program, and, as part of the G4S acquisition, joined the newly formed Intelligence practice at Allied Universal’s Risk Advisory and Consulting Services.

On the importance of diversity in the workplace, Jason states, “It is the key to survival for any organization that seeks to thrive and grow in today’s globalized world.  We are no longer bound by six degrees of separation. Our connections are one or two separations from each other and intertwined in that is our rich experiences and diverse backgrounds.”

As for the importance of recognizing diversity in the security industry, “It just makes good business sense,” Jason said. “It is particularly important because it helps evolve the industry with new ways of thinking and perspectives from people of different backgrounds.”

When it comes to approaching difficult situations surrounding diversity on a personal level and at work, he offers the following advice, “I always try to be my authentic self. It’s all about breaking down barriers. Sometimes you encounter people with well-meaning intentions who have unconscious bias. You understand that this is human nature, and your job is to educate them. At end of the day, we have more in common than differences. You try to find those commonalities while at the same time embracing all the collective experiences and backgrounds that makes us all better.”

Jason’s primary goal in his current role is to help make Allied Universal the  intelligence market leader and world’s largest commercial intelligence response force by leveraging technology, analytics and the talented and diverse team of Allied Universal and G4S intelligence professionals around the world.