The Many Faces at Allied Universal - Herbert Morency

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Herbert Morency  - Branch Manager

Herbert Morency

General Manager, Allied Universal

Palm Beach, FL

Herbert Morency joined Allied Universal in March 2019 as a Branch Manager following the acquisition of U.S. Security Associates (USSA). He worked as a Branch Manager and District Manager at USSA for more than five years. Today, as General Manager, Herbert enjoys working for Allied Universal and is passionate about collaborating with others.  He is a member of his local ASIS chapter and is currently pursuing a certification in Physical Security.  

“I anticipate this certification will give me a competitive edge, and help reinforce the organization’s reputation and credibility,” said Herbert.  “I am an extremely loyal and committed manager and I hope to one day receive a promotion to Vice President.” 

Throughout his career, Herbert has always been an advocate for diversity in the workplace. 

“A culture that promotes uniqueness and where different perspectives are valued helps connect the team,” said Herbert. “It drives engagement, collaboration, and continuity. Employees that feel accepted are happy to come to work, which equates to happy customers.”

Herbert believes it is important for the security industry to recognize diversity because the security workforce is extremely diverse. 

“As a leader, it is important to respect differences and focus on actions,” said Herbert.  “Physical security is a very challenging industry. It is important we have structure, but also create an environment where people enjoy coming to work. This creates a healthy atmosphere and increases retention.”

According to Herbert, if your team is diverse, you will see an increase in productivity and creativity.

“We provide a sense of community within the team,” said Herbert. “I always make it a priority to check in with my managers. I have established a foundation of openness, honesty, and trust. Lastly, everyone has a voice as it relates to any concerns. I have an open-door policy.” 

Herbert is a member of EPICNATION, a non-profit global church community where he’s had the opportunity to feed the homeless, mentor teenagers, and lead a men’s group. EPIC shares a distinctive vision of empowering people and inspiring change professionally, socially and spiritually.