Alessio Carulli: Making a Difference Every Step of the Way

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Alessio Carulli — Strategic Projects Recruiter, Florida Region

Alessio Carulli

Strategic Projects Recruiter, Florida Region

In 2005, Alessio Carulli found himself at a crossroad. One led downward into depression and anxiety brought on by being bullied in middle school and high school. The other led upward along a path full of opportunities to benefit himself and help others at Allied Universal.

“It’s a two-way road. I could have taken the road to depression, but I chose to stand up,” Alessio said. “To me it is all about making a difference, and I saw plenty of opportunity to do so in the security industry.”

In October of that year, Alessio started his career as a Security Professional at Allied Barton (which became Allied Universal in 2016). His first assignment was protecting a community in Lake Worth, Florida, that was burdened with a high crime rate.

Working closely with the community’s board of directors and local law enforcement, Alessio’s vigilance and leadership quickly made a positive impact. Pleased with the progress of the security team, the community expanded its part-time contract from 168 hours per week to around-the-clock coverage.

Alessio thrived. Within three months, he was promoted to Captain and shortly thereafter to Site Lead. As site lead, Alessio built a team that turned out to be highly efficient, had a high retention rate and even more importantly helped the community become designated as one of the safest communities to live and raise a family.

During his 11 years in that assignment, Alessio earned an associate degree in criminal justice from the University of Phoenix, and racked up recognitions along the way that include Security Officer of the Month, Security Officer of the Region and Security Officer of the Year. What’s more, Alessio climbed the career ladder up to the rank of Major.

Satisfied that he had reached his goal of making a positive difference in a Security Professional role, he found himself at another crossroad. This time, he had a choice between two career paths — operations or recruiting.

The choice was clear to Alessio; he saw the best opportunity to make an impact was in recruiting, so he accepted a role as a Staffing Specialist where he worked to find qualified applicants. As expected, he excelled in this position and after two years, earned a promotion to Regional Recruiter followed by another promotion to his current role as Regional Strategic Projects Recruiter.

In his role, Allesio handles recruiting efforts for hard-to-fill accounts or accounts in jeopardy, seeking out top talent via internal and external platforms to ensure a steady applicant flow of qualified personnel. It’s a job he loves and his passion flows every day when he’s speaking to candidates.

“I’m one that if I don’t like a job, I would have left a long time ago. But something is different here. Allied Universal takes care of you and provides training to help you grow. The company truly cares about its employees,” Alessio said. “One of my biggest pleasures is helping those who serve or have served in the military. I can come in having a bad day, then hire a military veteran and it makes me happy. It’s about taking care of those who take care of us.”