CyCop® Security Management Software

The Next Generation Intelligence Tool for Security Operations Professionals 

This web and GPS-based technology is an advanced patrol and reporting program that transforms the traditional reporting process into a paperless, real-time solution. It gives clients the latest accurate data about their property and security professionals.

CyCop Benefits

  • Specifically tailored to your site
  • Web-based monitoring of security professionals 24/7
  • Critical incident notification and escalated alerts for immediate resolution
  • Environment friendly - uses green technology
  • Cost efficient and easy to deploy

CyCop Features

Web-based Information Management

  • Compatible with multiple smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers
  • Consumer data digitally stored on the cloud for instant access

Security Guard Tour Tracking and Supervision

  • Offers real-time information on security officer locations
  • Includes color-coded checkpoint history of time, place and tour activity
  • Alerts security professionals of required tasks and escalates problems in real-time to supervisors

Automated Incident and Daily Activity Reporting

  • Get reports delivered securely to management
  • Accommodates digital photos
  • Archive reports for later use

Interactive Post Orders and Online Training

  • Access course materials for each property
  • Tailor test criteria as needed

Visitor and Parking Management

  • Create property access lists
  • Enter data manually or by import
  • Generate and print visitor passes

Trend Analysis Reporting

  • Check statistics, review and compare data for efficiency and liability improvements

Incident Heat Mapping and Security Asset Allocation

  • Display incident location data graphically
  • Overlay visual depictions of assets and security equipment for forecasting
CyCop Security Management

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