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Law Enforcement and Security - Partnering for Success

Posted 05/26/2015 by Charles Bohnenberger

Economic realities have forced many communities to reassess public safety resources. This climate has forced some local, county and state law enforcement agencies to slash budgets, creating less manpower and the need for alternative solutions. Read more >

Engaging Contract Employees: What Role Do I Play?

Posted 05/19/2015 by Brent O'Bryan

Quality security providers see great value in employee engagement. Not only is it the right thing to do, but better engaged security officers provide better service. Should engagement efforts end there? Or, does the organization contracting the services play a role? Read more >

Civil Unrest: A New Threat

Posted 05/12/2015 by Guest Author

World leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in early 2014 predicted that civil unrest and violent protests would be the greatest risk to businesses and communities in the year ahead. Read more >

Preparedness Planning: Do You Have the Resources You Need?

Posted 05/05/2015 by Jim Smolarski

For building owners and managers, readiness is essential. While there are a range of situations to prepare for, terrorism and civil unrest are often top of mind. However, creating plans to address the unpredictable may seem like a daunting task. Read more >


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