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Invest in Employee Safety – On and Off the Job

Posted 04/28/2015 by Ron Rabena

The safety and security cultures that we all work so hard to instill in our workplaces are critical. That dedication, and those carefully planned strategies, should not end when the work day does. Read more >

Giving Security a New Name: Friendly

Posted 04/21/2015 by Caress Kennedy

The adage that security officers are on patrol to “detect, deter, observe and report” is enriched today with a new world order of security officers who also welcome as they protect. Balancing security with customer care creates a secure and inviting environment that is desirable in many settings. Read more >

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2: Funny Movie, but Serious Business

Posted 04/17/2015 by Brian Neimeyer

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 may be a movie that’s intended to make you laugh, but in reality security is a serious business for the thousands of security professionals assigned to malls and shopping centers across the country. Read more >

Mall “Cops” Are Hard Working Security Officers

Posted 04/14/2015 by Bud Bradley

While audiences await the premiere of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 starring Kevin James, the reality is that today’s security officer is a vital part of our homeland security and safety. As a representative of America’s leading physical security officer services company, I challenge Kevin James to work alongside genuine retail security officers for just one day. Read more >

Understanding the Violent Mind

Posted 04/07/2015 by Guest Author

Violent situations occur in the workplace every day. To best avoid escalating the potential for violence among hostile people, it’s helpful to understand the hostile/violent mind. Individuals who lash out often have low self-esteem that is covered up by acting superior to others. Read more >


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