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Security Training: The Catalyst for Security Program Success

Posted 09/30/2014 by Brent O'Bryan

How do you define success in your security program? Maybe your metrics include meeting specific goals or use benchmarks from employee surveys and incident reports. Whatever the measure, you will need to determine the right processes, people and technology to ensure that success is attainable. Read more >

Layoffs and Terminations . . . When Hostility or Violence is a Concern

Posted 09/16/2014 by Guest Author

Terminating employees is always difficult. Beyond the compassion for the well-being of the individual, we all have the same concerns when it comes to disrupting a person’s livelihood. People who seemed fine in normal times can become immediately hostile and threatening when they learn they are losing their jobs. Read more >

Trends and Data Validate Security Strategy

Posted 09/09/2014 by Steve Claton

Each year, security directors struggle to increase budgets, even when there is an enhanced need for security. Often, we see security services take a back seat to other business needs because decision-makers fail to see the value in making security enhancements. Read more >


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