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Data Centers: Specialized Security for Sensitive Settings

Posted 12/23/2014 by Guy Hassfield

Data centers, whether self-owned and managed or operated by a third party, are built to be secure environments. But successful daily operations require the attentive eye of well-trained, experienced security teams to help ensure that data is secure and employees are safe. Read more >

Security Industry Imperative: Attracting the Best and Brightest

Posted 12/16/2014 by Brent O'Bryan

Hollywood has not been kind or accurate in its comedic portrayal of the security officer. Films such as Mall Cop and Observe and Report depict far more fiction than fact. In reality, security officers are diligent, highly trained men and women who act as first responders. Read more >

Raising Standards: FBI Criminal Record Checks Are Vital to Public Safety & Trust

Posted 12/11/2014 by David Buckman

Recent high-profile media stories, such as CNN’s “Hired Guns”, have focused attention on our country’s patchwork of regulations governing the hiring and training of private security officers. While sensationalized, these stories spotlight a serious issue. Read more >

Workplace Safety Success Requires Leadership Support

Posted 12/09/2014 by Ron Rabena

Businesses spend $170 billion annually on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses, which are expenditures that come straight out of corporate profits. Read more >

3 Keys to Success: Partnerships with Institutions of Higher Learning

Posted 12/02/2014 by Guest Author

With the modern job market’s constant evolution, it is important for employers to establish strong relationships with university career centers to help build their talent pool and find high-quality candidates. Read more >


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