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New Technologies Work in Tandem to Amplify Security Awareness for Proactive Response

Posted 03/30/2018 by Sherman Brawner

In today’s world, it is not a question of if a crisis will affect an enterprise, but when. Events, that happen on the other side of the world can affect business resilience and valuation just as much as those down the street or on premise. Read more >

Mobile Safety Tools Leverage the Power of Human Intervention and Technology

Posted 02/02/2018 by Sherman Brawner

Institutions of learning and workplaces have been featured prevalently in the news lately in increasingly alarming ways, drawing attention to the fact that traditional reactive security measures may be limited in identifying risk and preventing tragedies. Read more >

Security Sector Delivers Best Practices and Evolving Technology to Manage Threats

Posted 12/22/2017 by Steve Jones

The year 2017 has been a banner one for physical security with the advent of increasingly sophisticated technology to manage threats. As we approach 2018, the field widens with regard to solutions that will expand the capability of security teams. Read more >

Role of Video Analytics and Security on Campus and in Hospitals

Posted 12/08/2017 by Ken Bukowski

More and more schools, universities and hospitals committed to ensuring their campuses and communities are safe, are looking to align with contract security partners who can provide efficient and effective security solutions while reducing overall labor costs. Read more >

The Tech Picture: How Technology Aligns with Guarding Services

Posted 08/11/2017 by Ty Richmond

The convergence of technology with traditional guarding services is heating up—in a good way. Paired together, the two can deliver greater security results and maximum budgetary efficiencies. Read more >

Robotics are Trending in the Security Solutions Sector

Posted 11/25/2016 by Ty Richmond

The emergence of smart technology into the security sector is changing risk management economics and strategy in unique ways. Read more >

Three Steps to Build Operational Efficiency into Physical Security Design

Posted 10/20/2015 by Cale Dowell

Creating an efficient operating environment in physical security is no small feat—especially when the organization undertaking such an endeavor has a nationwide presence. Read more >

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