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Preventing Workplace Violence in Healthcare Settings

Posted 06/08/2018 by Michael Dunning

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities can be scary places to work—if the right precautions and measures aren’t put into place for safety of staff, visitors and patients. Violence against healthcare workers tops the list. Read more >

Role of Video Analytics and Security on Campus and in Hospitals

Posted 12/08/2017 by Ken Bukowski

More and more schools, universities and hospitals committed to ensuring their campuses and communities are safe, are looking to align with contract security partners who can provide efficient and effective security solutions while reducing overall labor costs. Read more >

Educating the Healthcare Community on How to Handle Active Shooter Situations

Posted 05/12/2017 by Kevin Francis

Will you know what to do if an active shooter entered your healthcare facility? Next week, Allied Universal is co-hosting with John Jay College and the Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association (MHSDA), a “Plan to Live” seminar. Read more >

Security: A Catalyst for Positive Patient Experiences

Posted 04/21/2017 by Ken Bukowski

With the wave of hospital mergers and consolidations, as well as private donations that underwrite the development of new wings and specialties, many hospitals are getting larger. Read more >

Quality Healthcare Security is Key to Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Posted 03/24/2017 by Ken Bukowski

Regulatory compliance is an ongoing priority in the healthcare industry. While healthcare administration and staff understand the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance, that understanding should not end with the medical team. Read more >

Healthcare Resources - Keeping Security Strategy Healthy

Posted 06/02/2015 by Ken Bukowski

As the healthcare industry constantly evolves, every component of operational support must evolve as well. Security is one critical area that must strive to keep pace with industry changes, stay current with regulatory compliance mandates and utilize data to stay ahead of the curve. Read more >

Contract Healthcare Security: Resolving Misconceptions

Posted 02/17/2015 by Ken Bukowski

Healthcare leaders are under constant pressure to keep facilities safe while managing costs. To effectively deal with this challenge, more and more healthcare institutions are opting to outsource their physical security services. Read more >

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