Enhancing Peace of Mind on Campus through Contract Security

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Smiling Security Officer

Safety and security on a college or university campus is critical. The right mix of resources can create a truly comprehensive security program that helps campus community members feel safer, deter crime, improve safety awareness and control costs. When campus security resources are reviewed, adding or expanding the use of security professionals is a vital consideration. Contracting for security is a viable and cost-effective alternative to in-house staffing.

What roles can a security officer play versus a sworn police officer to increase visibility? Security officers can supplement police by taking on routine security tasks that are necessary to ensure everyone’s peace of mind while leaving complex law enforcement situations to campus or municipal police. Contract security officers are trained to manage a range of responsibilities, serving as a visual deterrent and approachable resource, while working in conjunction with police and the campus community. 

When outsourcing security, the college or university should expect that their security partner is highly experienced and possesses the expertise to recommend strategies that truly multiply the efforts of the entire team. Training helps ensure that security teams are prepared to handle a range of routine tasks and respond to emergencies. 

Monitoring these tangible measures and other key performance indicators, helps guarantee compliance, lower the campus’ risk, and provides educational institutions with peace of mind that their contract security force is operating as expected. 

Compliance information that includes accurate and timely reporting of all measures of contract security service (including incident reports, daily logs, tour completeness, payroll accuracy and training compliance) must be at the heart of a contract security program dedicated to lowering the overall cost of security operations. 

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Glenn R. Rosenberg  About the Author
  Glenn R. Rosenberg was Vice President of Higher Education at Allied Universal until September 2016.