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Contingency Planning: Are You Prepared?

Posted 04/08/2016 by Adam Serna

No one wants to think about a worst-case scenario but without appropriate preparedness planning, your next emergency could truly turn into a disaster. Read more >

Compliance Audits: Do You Have the Records Needed to Survive?

Posted 07/14/2015 by Adam Serna

You know your teams are trained and have all required credentials. You trust that everything is up to date and your security provider is on top of it. But can you prove it? More importantly, can your security provider prove it without notice, at any time? Read more >

Safety-First Approach to Security

Posted 11/18/2014 by Adam Serna

At chemical, petrochemical and utilities sites where safety is the constant top priority, the standard approach to security is anything but standard. The security approach needs to be safety first. Read more >

Evolving Regulations Require a Steady Security Presence

Posted 06/17/2014 by Adam Serna

No one should take security for granted, particularly when it comes to critical infrastructure like chemical and petrochemical facilities. In the past, the major concern for these facilities had been accidents causing extensive damage and loss of life.
Read more >


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