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Keeping High Profile Meetings Safe and Secure

Posted 01/28/2014 by Harlan Calhoun

Before the advent of smartphones, planting covert listening devices was the most popular way to illegally record content from a private meeting. Today, with an estimated 130 million smartphones in use in the United States, every user has the potential to be a covert meeting operative with their own Wi-Fi receiver, camera, audio recorder, keyboard and computer at their disposal. Keep meetings private

Maintaining security and privacy for high profile meetings is vital whether it is a shareholder meeting, political fundraiser or internal executive meeting. When off-the-cuff comments made by Mitt Romney at a fundraiser were recorded and posted online, his political campaign took a negative hit. The theft of intellectual property costs American businesses billions each year. Discussions of proprietary information may include customer pricing, R&D and production processes, marketing and advertising strategies, legal issues and salary information. How can corporate and government leaders ensure that their meetings are safe and secure and that proprietary information is not leaked?

There is much to consider and proven best practices can help establish processes and protocols to keep people and information protected. When you and your team are planning meetings, does your strategy include the following?
  • Pre-planning Considerations
  • Security Protocols 
  • Meeting Monitoring 
  • Escape Plans
  • Confidentiality Requirements
  • Post-meeting Review

These important events should never be an opportunity for corporate spies to gather proprietary information and intelligence. With proper planning, training and resources, all meetings can be safe, secure and productive.

Re-think your meeting planning strategy with these considerations shared in AZ Business magazine.

Harlan CalhounAbout the Author
Harlan Calhoun is a Vice President of National Accounts Business Development at Allied Universal.

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