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The Tech Picture: How Technology Aligns with Guarding Services

Posted 08/11/2017 by Ty Richmond

How technology and guarding align

The convergence of technology with traditional guarding services is heating up—in a good way. Paired together, the two can deliver greater security results and maximum budgetary efficiencies.

Think, the Internet of Things—the interconnectivity of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items with electronics, software, and sensors to make environments smarter and more effective.

In another tech example, educational campuses and hospitals can compare the costs of manned live video monitoring versus the ability to leverage video analytics to repurpose the stationed dispatcher for alternative uses. Increasing coverage and monitoring is much more scalable and cost effective than simply using manpower alone. Many end users are realizing significant cost savings by applying hybrid solutions (security professionals in conjunction with real- time monitoring using analytics) across their diverse range of properties and assets.

Video surveillance solutions that proactively intervene to deliver an unprecedented level of intelligence to mitigate risk at your facility are but one aspect of a monitoring and response center’s capabilities. This virtual hub of threat awareness, situational intelligence and critical event management is quickly becoming the standard in the security sector.

Several of our tech partners such a Swan Island Networks, FLIR, Lenel and GVK Elevator Consulting Services offer application uses and live demonstrations. Together, they provide a comprehensive tech picture, so that your organization can stay abreast of how the latest technological innovations can turn your security operation into an integrated and intelligence model.

Ty RichmondAbout the Author:
Ty L. Richmond is President, Integrated Security Solutions and Technology at Allied Universal.

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  • Rosy Smith
    45 days ago
    Technology Operation with well-groomed security service is the most effective way to cherish both technology and human efficiency. Visit
    Google support to know more about latest technology trends and enhance your knowledge in technology.

  • William Clayton
    319 days ago
    The technology resources combined with an well-trained security force is the most cost-efficient way to leverage both the technology and the human component of a well-balanced security strategy.

    Excellent article.


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