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Responsive Building Security Services for Commercial Real Estate

Posted 04/14/2017 by Cornell Beans

Security for office buildings

Commercial property managers face a number of challenges on a daily basis. They must keep existing tenants happy, attract new ones, and remain competitive in the real estate market. All of these areas are linked to their ability to control costs, provide great customer service, and decrease risk and liability.

One way to handle the myriad demands facing industry professionals is to seamlessly integrate security solutions within a building. Equipping highly-skilled security professionals with the latest technology makes buildings safer and more secure. Web-based patrol reporting devices, remote video monitoring, mass notification systems and crowdsource platforms are just some of the tools being used to empower security professionals as well as tenants to report incidents instantaneously for real-time response.

Allied Universal offers a full suite of services and solutions to help our commercial real estate clients manage visitor access, promote tenant satisfaction and protect their reputation. For example:
  • Incident, Patrol and Reporting Programs (CyCop®) provide real-time data about the facility and the security workforce. It’s specifically tailored to a client’s property and delivers critical incident notifications and escalated alerts for immediate resolution.
  • Autonomous Data Machines enable properties to leverage robotic technology to handle monotonous, or computational tasks that may include data collection of license-plate recognition in a large parking facility, perform object recognition and identify anomalies for analysis and action by the security team.
  • Monitoring and Response Centers can simultaneously monitor a facility from a 24-hour staffed Security Operations Center and proactively intervene when necessary to dispatch security professionals or first responders.
Today’s property managers are responsible for creating a balanced approach to security that integrates the latest technology into their program. Choosing a provider who is deploying those tools as well as delivering industry specific training programs is the best way to ensure your security team is highly trained and well-prepared to secure your building, tenants and visitors. It’s imperative to select one that understands the unique security challenges of commercial properties and offers a tailored solution for the protection of your properties.

To learn more about how Allied Universal can help make your commercial property safe and secure, visit

Cornell Beans is Vice President of Business Development, Mid-Atlantic Region, for Allied Universal.

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  • Boom Lift
    31 days ago
    A job well done! This is a beautiful piece. Trust me, the sky is your limit...

    Boom Lift Rental

  • Bernice Smith
    1 years 56 days ago
    I wanted to reach out and say thank you to your team in Columbus, Ohio, who responded to a valid concern that I had at an event over the weekend. The right people, at the right time!

  • William Clayton
    1 years 65 days ago
    GREAT article...information presented geared toward mission critical performance and reporting.


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