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Enhancing Peace of Mind on Campus through Contract Security

Posted 03/02/2018 by Jonathan Kassa

Safety and security on campus

Safety and security on a college or university campus is critical. The right blend of security solutions and depth of resources can create a truly comprehensive security program that helps students, faculty and the wider campus community feel safer.

When reviewing your campus security program, identify a security partner with the essential subject matter expertise to be consultative during initial planning and through the review process. Institutions will ultimately benefit most from vendors with the breadth of experience to support and help them reduce areas of risk.

It is important to look for companies with a track record at providing a tailored, turnkey security solution that creates additional value in the areas of quality service, experienced management, thought leadership and well-trained security professionals who reinforce the institution’s brand every day. A trusted provider’s campus experience should also extend beyond the traditional campus boundaries to the larger community. If an institution is considering contract security services, leadership should expect a security partner to recommend strategies and realistic solutions to multiply the abilities of the entire campus public safety team.

In addition, ask about these key areas when selecting a campus security services provider:
  • Professional campus security officers should be trained in typical compliance with the Clery Act and Title IX, but also cultural sensitivity and working with diverse populations within and outside of the campus community.
  • Campus security professionals should be able to manage a wide range of responsibilities, from routine tasks, to emergencies, serving as a visual deterrent and approachable resource, while working in conjunction with police and the campus community.
  • Regularly provided, transparent and clear information at any time that will include accurate and timely reporting of all measures of contract security service. This may include incident reports, daily logs, complete tours, payroll accuracy and training compliance.
Monitoring tangible measures and key performance indicators will help to guarantee compliance and lower a campus’ overall public safety and brand reputation risks. An effective, efficient security partner provides institutions of higher education with peace of mind that their contract security teams are operating as expected. These critical elements are at the core of a successful contract campus security program dedicated to providing a comprehensive security solution.

For further insight in developing a 21st century campus public safety and security program that offers value to your campus, please download Allied Universal’s Guide to Contracting for Higher Education.

Jonathan KassaAbout the Author
Jonathan Kassa, MPA, is Director of Higher Education at Allied Universal.

5 Comment(s)

  • William Clayton
    205 days ago
    "Safety and security on a college or university campus is critical. The right blend of security solutions and depth of resources can create a truly comprehensive security program that helps students, faculty and the wider campus community feel safer."

    The opening paragraph is of utmost importance!

    Excellent post.

    Thank you.

    • Lance Foss
      200 days ago
      Agree. Serious physical safety and security issues at University campuses and Schools at every level have been, are and will be (an ever-growing) opportunity for Allied Universal and our Country. And I will help as I provide outstanding customer service in career-long service beginning soon! I know the frame of mind and pro-active techniques required... I am in the orientation phase with Allied Universal at this moment 03/08/2018 1100 - Let's not miss out or make disabling mistakes! It's much more than vehicle lights and some camera monitors. Lance Foss, IAH/HOU, : )

      • William Clayton
        198 days ago
        Your assessment is 100 % on point.

      • Jonathan
        200 days ago
        Thank you, Lance, and welcome to the team!

    • Jonathan
      201 days ago
      Thank you, William. I always appreciate your support and insight.


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