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What the Security Uniform Says About You

Posted 02/10/2017 by Keith Kepler

security uniforms  

As companies may be assessing their operational teams at the start of the new year, we thought we’d repost one of our more popular blogs on the subject of outfitting your security personnel to best reflect the role served. 

Security professionals are often the first people that employees and visitors encounter. Their uniform is a vital part of their appearance and it helps provide peace of mind as employees and visitors are comforted by security’s presence. The uniform makes security officers easily recognizable, and helps guide people to them as the go-to authority in an emergency.

When deciding on a style of security officer uniform, there are many factors to consider. Do you want a customer service look or something that conveys a stronger security presence? Are the security officers in a cold climate with outdoor patrols? Is the primary responsibility of the security officer to deter crime, or serve as a brand ambassador for visitors?

The security officer uniform can set the tone for the environment. A culture that fosters a casual atmosphere may want security officers to align with that. A technology company, for example, may require its security personnel to wear security company-branded polo shirts and khaki pants in colors and styles which project authority but still look at home in the casual setting.

A petrochemical, manufacturing or government facility may want security professionals dressed in military-like or fire retardant garments which convey a command presence. A hotel or commercial building may prefer white dress shirts and dark blue suits to convey a customer service-oriented, concierge-style security.

Even at the same work site, security personnel may be outfitted differently to suit their individual responsibilities. For example, security officers assigned to outdoor foot patrol may wear military style uniforms made with sturdier fabrics to suit the climate; while the security officer at the front desk is attired in a dress shirt and suit.

When a company selects a quality security provider, the use of that organization’s name on a uniform - whether embroidered onto a jacket or on a badge or pin - ensures that the security professionals are recognized and respected for their authority. Additionally, some states require that the security company’s name or logo be visible on the uniform.

Read more about security officer uniforms in this article – Uniforms: 5 Questions to Ask Now. What does your security team’s uniforms say about you?

Keith KeplerAbout the Author
Keith Kepler is the Senior Regional Vice President of the Southeast Region at Allied Universal.

17 Comment(s)

  • Kevin Knows
    153 days ago
    As a former private sector operative, I've come to know how important uniform presence is in gaining respect to overcome hurdles. As security operatives usually work alone, eliciting help comes much easier when you look good. Even if a security company's uniform has a patch or embroidered insignia instead of an actual badge, you gain more respect by having your work shoes look great.

    Even if the modern military only polishes on inspection and not in actual field use, you can pass inspection at your shift start. Even if most modern law enforcement officers (LEOs) - other than the local city police - don't polish as much anymore, you would gain the respect needed to elicit help.

    One thing that is a real pet peave to clients, is the appearance of a security operative that has one foot on the job and the other out of the door, such as those who choose to wear athletic shoes. If you want respect, you should look like you respect your role.

    Ties and ball caps tend to agrandize or diminish the helpfulness of an actual officer role. Many covert operatives wear ball caps to "dress down" the athorian look to blend in more to the general public. In either case, in my over 20 years combined security experience (public/private sector), neither has helped and has taken away some value in using a uniform as a network respect resource to elicit help.

  • sharp security
    1 years 24 days ago
    Great post. This blog is very informative to every security officer.

  • Felicia Greer
    1 years 71 days ago
    True enough that an security officer uniform makes a person but the uniform do not complete the person attitude,demeanor,neatness,knowledge.This complete a Professional uniform Security Officer.

  • David Crump
    1 years 71 days ago
    Whatever the role or appearance the customer is trying to achieve for their clients, a golden rule to always maintain for the employees is "look good is to feel good" which equates into working good/hard.
    Companies should take pride in keeping their employees looking good and the employees should take pride in looking good in their uniform. "Command Presence" starts with the uniform and can carry a lot of weight whether it's an armed or unarmed position.
    May you all be proud in your position that you work and always be safe!

    • Raymond Mellott
      1 years 65 days ago
      I grew with everything said on this blog about a nice well kept uniform.however nothing has been said about the type of shoes worn for different accounts and also that shoes should be polished and in good repair.a decent pair of good looking shined shoes tells the public also that you ate a true profesionel and you care about how you present yourself to the public ad well as the company that employs you.

      • Efrain Rosario-Rivera
        333 days ago
        Totally agree with you. As an ex-military, I am used to polishing my shoes, including civilian, all the time. At work, I see 99% of security officers with shoes that look like if they cleaned them with a chocolate bar. Once, I trained a new guy for the post I was working at, and when I told him that he needed to polish his shoes, he replied that he is not in the armed forces, that he does not polish his shoes. A well cleaned and polished pair of shoes completes your uniform, if you have nice shirt and pants but your shoes are not clean and polish, you are OUT OF UNIFORM.

  • Patricia Atkins
    1 years 71 days ago
    I agree that the uniform plays a big part in how the public sees us. It also makes officer feel good about her self or his self when their Uniform is fitting properly and in good condition. When uniforms are in uniform it gives the perception of a well put together company, and which allied universal is. It definitely says were there for you! I personally think that the ties are part of a well put together uniform in some instances. But of course safety ties would be the way to go.

    • Mukhtar
      12 days ago
      I carefully and thoughtfully read about how important and significant the dress code is for a security professional. I with my common sense and life experience can decide about the situation at hand by following the golden rule, OBSERVE,REPORT AND FOLLOW UP. While I'm doing that my superior in charge I will update and inform my company clients comfortable doing their business

    • William Clayton
      1 years 64 days ago
      On point 100%.

  • William Clayton
    1 years 109 days ago
    A great article indeed. I concur with the responses, especially from Theodore Dugan, Allied Universal, Fred Carter, and Olga Saldivar.

  • Magnum Protective
    1 years 181 days ago
    Great post. i like it.

  • Theodore Dugan
    1 years 226 days ago
    Appearance is important and a sharp looking uniform enhances the way the customer thinks about you. However, I do not like the ties, especially on the men. It is a safety hazard. Anyone that has worn ties a lot knows that they get caught on things,stuck in doors, and unless it is a fake tie can be grabbed and used against the security office. Military and Police uniforms have ties in dress uniforms only. The regular work uniforms have no ties and loose collars.

    • Allied Universal
      1 years 225 days ago
      We agree with the concern and safety is critical. That is why we, and many security companies, choose to utilize safety ties with our uniforms.

  • rolandodeguzman
    2 years 53 days ago
    thank you sir

  • Fred Carter
    2 years 129 days ago
    I agree that the security officer uniform can set the tone for the environment. Uniform shows power.
    Similar is the case with military uniforms.

  • Olga Saldivar
    2 years 316 days ago
    Great job, renewing the importance of the appearance of our officers is the core of our business.

  • Pete
    2 years 319 days ago
    Fine article, Keith -- your insights and comments are spot on.


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