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Steps to Success: The Contractor Selection Process

Posted 07/22/2014 by Catherine King

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Establishing a quality-based contractor-selection process is a necessary first step in forming a strong partnership between you and your security officer services provider. In a competitive environment, it is important to determine accurate comparisons between providers and thoroughly understand what you are receiving in return for your investment.

These nine steps will help to establish performance standards specific to your company’s interests, then match those to a provider that will excel in delivering them:
  1. Define the internal process and select your team. Which departments and individuals will participate? Who will make the final decision? What is the timeline? 
  2. Evaluate your current environment and establish priorities. What are the positives and negatives of your current security program? What are your goals and objectives?
  3. Define desired improvements. Identify desired improvements or attributes to enhance the existing service.
  4. Define program needs and expectations. Combine your priorities and desired improvements into a list of key objectives. Do a budget reality check; are your objectives affordable? Specify a wage rate or use a sample wage, often referred to as a wage marker, to clearly compare costs.
  5. Select potential contractors. Research companies and utilize a pre-bid questionnaire to help you decide which contractors to invite to bid.
  6. Issue your request for proposal. Provide an introduction that describes your organization and contractor selection process. Include topics such as hours of coverage, duties, equipment, uniforms, insurance, general terms, vendor history, management, employee selection, training, wages/benefits, and bill rates.
  7. Narrow the field. Review the proposal responses to your RFP closely to ensure prospective partners have submitted complete answers that match your objectives and requirements.
  8. Presentations and meetings. Meet with two or three contractors and discuss your potential partnership and set clear expectations for an on-going relationship post-award.
  9. Finalize selection of partner, price and transition elements. Select your preferred contractor and ensure agreement on all terms of the contract.
Following these steps will put you on your way to a quality-based security officer services partnership that will provide measurable results, add value and exceed your expectations.

For even more action steps to support your search for the right security partner, view our Guide to Contracting Security.

Catherine KingAbout the Author
Catherine King is Senior Vice President, Allied Universal Recruiting and Staffing Services.

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  • Debbie Lee
    3 years 86 days ago
    Great Article

  • Deborah Frost
    3 years 91 days ago
    Great article!!! Thanks Catherine!


  • Jim Lewan
    3 years 91 days ago
    Great article.


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