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You want remote video surveillance that also provides intervention. Allied Universal recommends THRIVE 360, a video surveillance solution that doesn’t just watch — it proactively intervenes and acts. Monitored at THRIVE’s Central Command Center, THRIVE 360 delivers an unprecedented level of intelligent security that mitigates risk at your facility.

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Allied Universal partners with THRIVE to provide video security that is monitored by their security intervention specialists and law enforcement personnel.

Using an unprecedented combination of technologies, analytics, and real-time monitoring, THRIVE provides video security that combines event-based video monitoring, audio intervention, GPS tracking, and other alarm-monitoring services.

THRIVE’s revolutionary solution, THRIVE 360, provides a flexible, holistic solution, and it can be used with existing analog or IP equipment for a limitless number of applications.

THRIVE offers:

  • Security rules and protocols customized to fit your installation
  • Event-based video monitoring and real-time analytics that reduce human error
  • Human operators that verify all events, reducing false alarms and ensuring response
  • Experienced law enforcement personnel who supervise the dispatching guards or first responders when necessary
  • Access to live video or recorded footage on a smart device or computer
  • Regular reports that provide a detailed audit trail of events and responses

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