Transportation Security Solutions

Make Your Public Transit Safe for Riders and Staff

What if your passengers’ safety was at risk? Would you have public safety services in place to respond and protect the public? Public transit agencies have unique security challenges due to the large numbers of people they serve in publicly accessible facilities. At Allied Universal, we have experience protecting public transportation systems.

Transportation Security Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Keeping passengers and employees safe, securing critical infrastructure and providing customer service is of the utmost importance to transit agencies. To help you achieve these goals, our security solutions include both armed and unarmed transit security officers to systems of different sizes. We have experience protecting various types of transit facilities including:

  • Light rail systems
  • Rail platforms
  • Bus and rail yards
  • Transit terminals
  • Office buildings
  • Parking lots

The visible presence of well-trained, uniformed Allied Universal security officers provides a sense of security and safety to transit passengers and employees alike.


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    Lessons in Public Transit Security

    Lessons in Public Transit Security

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