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Robotics are Trending in the Security Solutions Sector

Posted 11/25/2016 by Ty Richmond

Autonomous Robots
The emergence of smart technology into the security sector is changing risk management economics and strategy in unique ways. Such technology leverages information management at its core for a more effective security program. Case in point is the burgeoning role of autonomous data machines (ADMs or robots) that are purposely built for security.

Will the advent of robots eliminate physical security officers at a site? Not any time soon, but robots are a real force multiplier by adding effectiveness and efficiency to security programs. The use of ADM technology augments security personnel by providing “smart eyes and ears” that enable security officers to manage information and communicate quickly and effectively.

Threats, crime and mischief do not operate on a timetable, nor do they sleep. Robots provide 24/7 autonomous patrolling and monitoring including autonomous recharging without human intervention, so that a company’s assets can be secure 24/7.

Hence, the new partnership formed this year between Allied Universal and Knightscope has brought this sophisticated technology to California clients and it is expected to be offered nationally in 2017.

The reasons to include robots in your security program include:

  • Cost savings—cost reduction without sacrificing security coverage.
  • Constant coverage—24/7 physical security presence with autonomous patrolling and monitoring.
  • Force multiplier—More effective information sourcing and sharing, accessible in real time from the desk or on the run.
  • Monitoring, detection and alert capabilities—Human error is reduced with improved incident and response resolution time with analytics, information sharing and reporting capabilities.
  • Works with new platforms—A mobile app allows security officers to engage with the robots and use them as tools to cover more ground and do their jobs more effectively.
Leveraging robotic technology with manpower is the latest trend in asset protection. Blending the technology with people may prove to pay off for clients in the long run. It’s also a methodology more industries may soon tout as the new normal.

For a demo, or a copy of the ADM white paper, please fill out this form and enter “ADM Demo or White Paper” in the comments box.

Ty RichmondAbout the Author:
Ty L. Richmond is President, Integrated Security Solutions and Technology at Allied Universal.

2 Comment(s)

  • William Clayton
    1 years 39 days ago
    The reasons to include ADM technology are all valid, however our industry and profession has and always will depend on highly-trained Security personnel.

    Will there or are there any scheduled demonstrations of this technology at Philadelphia, PA. customer sites during the next six months?

    GREAT article to introduce this emerging technology!

    • Allied Universal
      1 years 39 days ago
      Thank you for your comment. We do not currently have a date for a demonstration in Philadelphia, however we will publish any plans on our website Events Calendar as they are scheduled.

      We will have events in the Southeast in June, including at the BOMA show in Nashville, June 25-27.


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